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If you originally heard about the Ultimate Cloth® product line through one of our independent distributors or fundraisers, please ask them if they will honor these specials before ordering on this site. They worked hard for your business!

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Ultimate Cloth Introduction of Colors

Some facts about the new Ultimate Cloth COLORS

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Please make a special note that to differentiate between the new COLORS and
our original white Standard Ultimate Cloth, the original Ultimate Cloth will now be called our CLASSIC!
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Special Pricing on Ultimate Cloth COLORS Buy 3 COLOR Packs Get 1 Free
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Purchase 2 Ultimate Cloth CLASSICS 5-Packs $50 - with FREE Bonus Items
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ULtimate Cloth CLASSICS 30 Pack Special
Memorial Day Deluxe Package Ultimate Cloth
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 Ultimate Cloths® CLASSICS™   

Perfect size for most cleaning jobs, the Ultimate Cloth® CLASSIC measures 13.5" X 15.5". Made from the highest quality MiraFiber®, the cloth excels at cleaning all the hard surfaces of your home and businesses.

Ultimate Cloths® (CLASSICS) RETAIL FOR $6...

Money in the bank every time you DON"T buy expensive chemicals & paper towels, Even more important will be the time & frustration the cloth saves you.

We also offer multiple cloth discounts. You'll want multiples under every sink (you'll have lots of room without all the cleaning chemicals & supplies) & some to give away! Be sure to scroll down for the larger BadBoy size and the smaller Opti-Cloth size!

Choose your price per cloth by Quatities offered below:

Ultimate Streak Free cloths clean hard to clean kitchen surfaces such as corian, granite, marble, glass top, and stainless steel leaving behind a streak free surface everytime.
1 - 4 Cloths
Only $6 Each. Choose Qty:
Save 17% on 5 - 9 Cloths
Only $5 Each. Choose Qty:
Save 33% on 12 + Cloths
Only $4 Each. Choose Qty:
20 Cloth Pack
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For Businesses: Ultimate Cloths® and the smaller Opti-Cloths make great 'Thank You' gifts for your customers! Larger packages available with 'Compliments of - your name/your company name' custom printed on the cloth packaging or even on the cloth itself! Call for details. 1-800-714-2770

Ultimate BadBoy Cloths (Supersized)

Supersize Ultimate Cloths - great cloth for cleaning all vehicles - autos, RV's, motorcycles & boats

New Super-Size Ultimate Cloth®
The Ultimate BadBoy™

The Ultimate BadBoy™ Cloth has been brought to you by multiple customer requests. Measures 15.5" X 19.5".

BAD on dirt, grease and grime. TENDER on your delicate surfaces such as paint, chrome, lexan, leather & more. Perfect size for Big Jobs or Big Hands!

Same MiraFiber® technology as the amazing standard sized Ultimate Cloth® - but BIGGER - by almost 45%!  Great for your cars, motorcycles, RV's & boats. P.S. Boat owners also love our mops for 'swabbing the decks' and absorbing tons of water!

1 - 2 BadBoys
Only $9 Each. Choose Qty:
3 + BadBoys
Only $8 Each. Choose Qty:
10 BadBoy Pack
Ultimate Opti-Cloths (Mini Sized)
Ultimate Opti-Cloths - Perfect for streak free cleaning of eyeglasses, sunglasses & small electronics

3 Ultimate Opti-Cloths™

Choose quantity:

Great to use on eyeglasses, and small electronics. Keep your eyeglasses/sunglasses and small electronics crystal clear with these amazing cloths. Same technology as the larger cloths , but the perfect size (approx 5" x 7") to keep in your office, wallet, in your car & at your bedside. Comes 3 to a package. Use dry or just slightly damp. Comes 3 to a package. Bulk pricing available.

    Care of all Ultimate Cloths®:
  • Machine or hand wash with any detergent - Can be Bleached! Air dry - No Fabric Softeners      
    (A clean cloth will never streak or spot, so if you ARE getting streaks or spots - it's time to rinse
    it well or to wash it with soap or detergent)
  • To Use: Dampen Cloths with Water Only & Wring out WELL. You do not have to dry with other cloths or paper towels. Water spots simply means the cloth was not wrung out well enough.
Micro-Magic Mops

Our mops are a unique high grade spun lace microfiber in a string mop. These are NOT your Grandmother's heavy cotton string mops! Customers love them for ALL floors (& boat decks) - great for hardwood, tiles, marbles & laminates. Be careful of the 'look-alikes' that come from China - they are not the same.


  • Clean with just water - no chemicals needed.
  • Ultra lightweight; yet grab the dirt, hair and grease effectively.
  • Dry in an instant - leaving no water spots or chemical streaks.
  • Washable and bleachable (we recommend using a garment bag to avoid tangling if washing in the machine)
  • High absorption - cleans spills quickly - they are GREAT as boat deck mops.
  • Comes in two sizes: the 180 gm Micro-Magic Mop (standard) for home use and the 225 gm Micro-Magic Mop PRO (Kentucky Mop) for commercial / industrial use. See Care Instructions
Spun Lace microfiber - Micro-Magic Mop brought to you by the Ultimate Cloth® product line. String mop that uses just water and leaves all floor surfaces streak free. Cleans hardwood, laminate, tile, marble floors.

Micro-Magic Mop - 'thirsty' 180 gm weight

- Mophead only - fits any standard screw-on type mop or broom handle or a painter's pole handle.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to manufacturing issues, we regret to say that we are forced to discontinue our Micro-Magic Mops (standard size) at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes; however, quality control is of utmost importance to us! We wish to caution you against buying any mops that look similar until further notice.

At this time - until supplies run out - we do still have the Magic-Mop PRO (below) in the original high quality in stock!

Spun Lace microfiber - Micro-Magic Mop brought to you by the Ultimate Cloth® product line. String mop that uses just water and leaves all floor surfaces streak free. Cleans hardwood, laminate, tile, marble floors. Professional mop.

Micro-Magic Mop™ PRO - industrial 225 gm weight

(Call for bulk mop pricing)

- Clamps onto Commercial Handles (not provided)

    Care of the Micro-Magic Mops™:
  • Machine wash with mild detergent on gentle cycle - can use garment bag. Rinse well. OR simply soak in bucket of water - add 1/2 cup bleach if needed. Rinse well. No fabric softeners!       
  • To Use: Wet well in a bucket of water & Wring out tight. Always use clean water and do not use soap or other cleaning products. Mop is designed to clean with water only.
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